Architecture, music and food to uncover!



Half a day to explore Columbia University, St John The Divine and Harlem!

Harlem’s history belongs to New York City’s African-American residents. It’s full of architectural, musical and even foodie delights! This tour can also end at an amateur show night.


Exploring Central Harlem, Columbia University and St John The Divine

Step 1: Back to School!

A typical American campus north of Manhattan and one of the oldest universities in the United States.

Step 2: St John The Divine Cathedral

The largest cathedral in the world that was never completed, St John the Divine is still worth a visit.

Step 3: Jazz Baby!

Discover legendary Harlem clubs in the birthplace of jazz music. It’s possible to go to a jazz dinner in the evening after the tour.

Step 4: Did you say Brownstone?

Who could have imagined the architectural richness that lies in Harlem’s houses? Get lost in these beautiful tree-lined streets.

Step 5: Historic and Contemporary Figures

Duke Ellington, Malcolm X, Adam Clayton Powell… Find out all you need to know about these figures who’ve made their mark on this neighborhood over the last 150 years.

Step 6: African Art

Harlem isn’t just murals and street art. The district is rich in profound works of art with a message to give.

Step 7: Harlem has 400 churches alone!

The Mecca of gospel masses opens its doors to you!


Ideas for after a tour of Harlem:

Practical Information


Ideally we recommend 3.5hours in summer, but a reduced version of 2 hours in the winter, but we’re happy to personalize it for the time you wish to dedicate to this neighborhood.


This tour is available year round.


This tour is wheelchair accessible. Contact us for more details.

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